For Real?

Are you tired of seeing all of the highlight reels that are posted on social media? If you’re like me, you’re sitting in your house with piles of laundry, papers, and chores surrounding you. Then you click on Facebook and see how everyone seems to be nailing it. ALL. Day. Long. Well, this blog is where the truth comes out! I will be sharing the honest truth (successes and failures) of our family trying to get our home in tip top shape!

Not a Natural

Most people blogging about organization seem to say they love to organize. It just comes natural. Well…I’m a little different. I always struggle with organizing techniques and have tried many times to get things going smoothly. I’ve invested in a few too many self-help books that just didn’t work for me.  Why?? Why can I not seem to get it together? I have asked my organized friends (organizational gurus, some might say) for insight. They make it sound sooo easy. Go through your stuff…get rid of some…put the other things where it belongs. That always leaves me wondering…where does it all belong? Read more