The Organized Elf: Round UP!

This is the second post in a three part series of how I am organizing my Elf on the Shelf. If you missed the first click here.

If you have ever been on Pinterest around Christmas, you have seen hundreds of ideas of the fun things you can do with your elf. If you haven’t ever been on Pinterest around Christmas, I have no words… I mean…today is your day!!

Here is a round up of Elf on the Shelf ideas!!

I came up with 28 days of ideas because I plan Elfred arriving the first Monday after Thanksgiving. 🙂

Let the Round-Up Begin

  1. He will be arriving back with a “I’m Back” banner. I saw the banner on the official Elf on the Shelf blog.
  2. I love snowmen…seriously LOVE them. So I saw a couple different ideas on how to use them with Elfred. He will build a snowman out of marshmallows like the one seen at Livingly…though I am planning on using regular marshmallows.
  3. He will take a picture of some toy friends like the elf did here on Womanista Wellness (aka Skinny Mom).
  4. Elfred has made snow angels in the past using sugar. This year he’s going to try sprinkles! I have the perfect snow like sprinkles that I have never found the perfect project to use them. I found my sprinkle inspiration here at Frugal Coupon Living.
  5. In years past, Elfred has drawn on our family pictures with dry erase markers. He has done it so much so that my kids are not amused by it at all now. So this year, he is spicing it up by taping elf hats on their baby pictures. Here’s how it looks on i heart arts n crafts blog.
  6.  Here’s my twist to elf sledding…Elfred will leave the supplies to make an elf sled one day. The kids will construct the sled without any directions (a little STEM lesson).
  7. The next day, Elfred will be trying out their creation. They’ll have to make sure it’s super safe! 😉 Another idea from Livingly.
  8. Spider Elf! My kiddos love super heroes…so it’s natural to try out a mask on Elfred. I found free printables at Simple and Made Pretty. They are so cute! 
  9. He has to have a day of rest…as does this momma! So he will get a sleeping mask to help him sleep through the day.
  10. On pinterest I’ve seen lots of elves playing games…battleship, tic-tac-toe, etc. We have a tradition of playing a Mastermind tournament on New Year’s Eve…ok…so we’ve done this twice and daddy won both years. This year Elfred will encourage the kids to practice ahead of time by pulling out the game and making a code for them to break.
  11.  We love to draw and color…Elfred will join in by drawing a picture of himself.
    I used a clear rubber band on his hand to help him hold the crayon
  12. He will leave a recipe and the ingredients for reindeer food. I couldn’t find a kid friendly recipe…so I typed up my own. If you want to do a make ahead version, Carrie Elle has a great printable here!
  13. I saw this ball pit idea, and I knew I had to do it!! Check out this round up from Your Modern Family.
  14. Any quick search on Pinterest will give you the idea for your elf to ride on a toy…so I’m picking riding on a dinosaur because my son, Judah, has a ton that’s the perfect size.  
  15. Elfred will make a simple ornament for the kids to put on our tree and keep. I used this simple santa hat idea from Buggy and Buddy.
  16. Modern Family showed a pirate elf that is too cute! Elfred will enjoy that.
  17. Also found on Modern Family’s blog: How to take a picture of your elf flying! I’m going to give this a try!! If I fail, Elfred can always just play it cool that day! 😉
  18. I love bringing out random acts of kindness. I found these printables for Elfred at Mommysavers.
  19. He is going to attempt to make breakfast…or at the very least leave out some fun breakfast ingredients.
  20. Elfred always checks in on baby Jesus, so this year won’t be an exception. It’s an easy night for mom, and a little nod at the reason for the season.
  21. I’ve always wanted to try the Kissing Booth, but the season always sneaks away from me. Not this year, I’m planning ahead! You can snag a free printable version here from East Coast Mommy.  
  22. Elfred wants to bring a snowman that he built in the North Pole back for the kids to enjoy. Look here to see what happens…I’m gathering buttons, sticks, and eyes now so they are ready to be added to the water.
  23. Elfred is a thrill seeker sometimes. I will enlist the help of my much taller husband to install the rock climbing idea from A Little of This That.
  24. Elfred likes to make paper airplanes and toss them from our living room ceiling fan. That’s a favorite I plan on using again.
  25. I told you I loved snowmen…Elfred will decorate on of our doors as a snowman this year! My Frugal Adventures shows you here what it can look like.
  26. Each year Elfred makes snowflakes and leaves them in our dining room. He usually leaves a little mess for the kids to take care of.
  27. We have a dog…this is her 2nd Christmas…Elfred really tries to avoid her because she chews everything! This year he is going to try out her dog treats…YUCK! Look here for a funny photo…we will probably skip the puke!
  28. And lastly, Elfred will bring pajamas for each of the kiddos to wear on Christmas Eve. Also I like to wrap Elfred in bubble wrap so the kids can hug him goodbye! (You can’t touch him or he will get sick and lose his magic).

Now I have found my ideas, gathered the materials, and now I’m ready to plan when I’m doing each one. The next post will show how I’m doing that.

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