Get Right or Get Left

There have been plenty of studies about the two hemispheres of the brain. And apparently the latest brain research indicates that the often referred to left-brained=analytical and right-brained=creative is more of a myth than actual science. But I can’t help but to think that there has to be some truth to it! 

I picked up this lovely graphic from Dana @unearthingthespud

It pretty much sums up how I feel about myself on days that my creativity is flowing. On the other days, I just feel unmotivated and pretty much lazy. So, I’m not sure the lazy part is because I’m ruled by my right-brain, but I know that I’m less likely to do anything when I don’t feel “the juices”. Unfortunately, the creativity isn’t always on and when it is, it’s not usually geared toward cleaning, planning, and arranging my house.

I am working on finding ways to harness my creativity to help me to be the smooth operator of my house! I am currently reading the book, “Organizing from the Right Side of the Brain” by Lee Silber.

So far, I am enjoying it…especially since it’s written in a way that I can skip around. I don’t have to read it chapter by chapter. I look at the table of contents and find what interests me. I will be sharing some tips and tidbits from this book along the way!